Yajiadi Precision Industry Co., Ltd. is Taiwan’s leading manufacturer of inverted fork coilovers. It has been specializing in the improvement and development of inverted fork technology for decades. Yajiadi (AGT )has the most professional R&D team and the most accurate machines & facilities. Yajiadi is one of the few factories in Taiwan with a high rate of self-made parts. Yajiadi (AGT ) has professional damping chamber, precision CNC turning and milling compound machine, laser cutting machine, argon welding, attenuation force testing machine and durability testing machine and other related equipment. It is worth mentioning that Yajiadi (AGT ) has a professional team who are familiar with car chassis and first-class technicians for CNC metal processing and manufacturing, coupled with strict quality control procedures, so it can be favored by many international OEM customers, and its own brand. AGT has also been sold to more than 20 countries.



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AGT has more than 2000 square meters of factory buildings and various complete equipment. From research and development, design, production, testing, to provide one-stop professional inverted fork coilover customization services, we have a variety of pounds and complete specifications of springs, as well as a variety of different The specifications of the damping can even be equipped with fisheye upper seat. In addition, AGT can also provide customized services for various needs to meet all your needs.

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Steel shape and large needle-shaped steering bearing, impact resistance, no deformation, long life, 1 year warranty (rubber is a consumable, not included)


The large-diameter coilover spring uses high-tensile-strength silicon-chromium alloy steel with good durability.


Damping oil: British imported high-grade grease-based damping special oil, which does not cause excessive density changes due to temperature differences
Oil seal imported from Germany: O ring: wear-resistant, no leakage
Pistons of the same grade from a major German shock absorber: high performance combined with comfort and excellent grounding
Damping tube: using super-density alloy steel, sealing performance is 100%, good elasticity and not easy to deform
Shaft: Nano-level grinding and ultra-fine lubrication coefficient, effectively reducing friction resistance
Valves: Special flow valve design, 20-stage damping force adjustment, distinct segments and average segments
Itinerary: special travel for special car, special spring and special damping force design, tailor-made design and manufacture